Creativity has always been part of my life. First in the form of graffiti in its maximum expression and then, 25 years ago, I extended to graphic design with the motto "Energetic ideas for a near future",, and for 14 years I am now immersed in the wonderful world of tattooing.


Now in Berlin, new doors are opening for me. Due to my colleagues from the Autark Tattoostudio, with their different styles and nationalities, and by attending and working at the most prestigious conventions.

I love exploring, finding new forms of expression, looking for ideas in museums, books and magazines, in the street, nature, markets and their antiques, in music, travel trips and in its people. And this is reflected in my tattoos, in the fine and elegant floral compositions; in the impossible mathematical geometries of the complex mandalas; and in the old and dark engravings adapted to the skin.


Thanks to all of you who have come to me with an open mind and hungry for new proposals, because it is a real pleasure to tattoo you. That's my game, and I enjoy it infinitely.

Grow more beautiful on the outside and become more fulfilled on the inside.


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Autark Tattoostudio

Spandauer Damm 1

14059 Berlin

030 41954233

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